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Looking for British Monorail systems and spares?

Niko Ltd are UK suppliers of British Monorail products including the (Davy Morris) RailMaster overhead conveyor system and Kant-Shock conductor bar.

The (Davy Morris) RailMaster overhead conveyor is a narrow gauge beam solution for overhead cranes and monorails. It is suitable for many industries and ideal for adverse environmental conditions like foundries. The track design is modular with articulated load trolleys that can move round very small bend radii, through switches and into turn tables.� In its normal configuration it is suitable for loads up to 5000kg and up to 10000kg with a double girder bridge configuration.

Kant-Shock is a multi-pole insulated bus bar conductor system for use with the British Monorail (Davy Morris) RailMaster overhead conveyor systems.

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