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About Niko Ltd

Group History

Niko Ltd is a leading European manufacturer of lifting equipment, power feed systems, overhead conveyor systems, fall arrest safety track and sliding door track systems. 

With over 80 employees at 7 locations and a comprehensive distributor network Niko has the presence in most European countries, North Africa, Australia, North America and Asia.

Year Event
1972 Helm Hellas S.A. manufacturing headquarters opened in Greece
1999 Niko Ltd, subsidiary opened in UK
1999 NIKO Vetriebs GmbH, subsidiary opened in Austria
2004 NIKO Technik GmbH, subsidiary opened in Germany
2009 NikoTRACK, opened in USA
2012 NIKO Polska, opened in Poland
2012 NIKO China, opened in China
2013 Niko Ltd moved to purpose built factory in Southam, Warwickshire. 

Objectives of Niko Ltd

Niko Ltd design, develop, manufacture and supply lifting equipment, overhead conveyors and sliding door track systems to both trade and end user customers. They are committed to working in partnership with our customers and suppliers to offer the most cost effective and appropriate solutions. 

In support of our commitment to our customers, we set objectives based on:

  • High quality products
  • Rapid lead times
  • High level of customer service



Located in the Midlands Niko Ltd has easy access to the whole of the UK, which is ideal for deliveries and site visits.

Within the purpose-built factory, the fabrication units are serviced by 2 x 2000kg conventional overhead cranes; and the workshop units by a pair of 500kg Niko light cranes with latching and transfer capabilities.  The Niko cranes are the first of their kind to span 13.5m unsupported between support centres.  There are also functional jib cranes and sliding curtain track systems.  All the cranes are made by Niko Ltd themselves.  

There is also a display area that showcases a Niko manual overhead conveyor system with the new localised powered travel system, which is set to revolutionise the power and free market.  The display will also show a range of standard switches, turn tables and latches; and also demonstrate how flight bars can be automatically side shifted on a manual conveyor in order to utilise storage space.

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