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Niko B Industrial Sliding Door Track Systems

Niko industrial sliding door track systems comprise of a range of track sizes and components that bolt together to facilitate sliding movement for opening and closing doors.


  • Door weights from 10kg to 2000kg
  • Internal and external applications
  • Single, double and triple track configurations
  • Range of brackets for various fixing methods
  • Range of hangers for all types of doors
  • Suitable for steel or timber doors
  • No limit to the opening size


Niko industrial sliding door track is the ideal solution for a large range of applications including:

  • Sliding doors for factories and industrial units
  • Warehouse sliding doors
  • Sliding doors for aircraft hangars
  • Agricultural sliding doors – barns, farms and stable partitions
  • Commercial sliding doors – restaurants, shops, garages, schools, offices etc.
  • Sliding oven doors
  • Sliding shed doors

Advantages of Niko B industrial sliding door track systems

  • Easy to install, extend or move
  • Free running - requires 1/100 weight to force ratio to move doors
  • Low maintenance - bearings and track do not need to be oiled
  • High reliability – certified for 100,000 cycles
  • Near silent operation
  • Simple operation
  • Tapered edge track profile means door hangers always run smooth and do not snag or bind
  • Compact size – allowing for space utilisation
  • Track profile designed to reduce build up of dust, dirt and ice

Example Layout Configurations

Straight Sliding Door Track System

Single Track with Two Sliding Doors

Twin Track with Two Sliding Doors

Twin Track with Three Sliding Doors

Twin Track with Four Sliding Doors

Triple Track with Three Sliding Doors

Components Kit

Standard components for an industrial sliding door track system:

  • Top track – guide rail for sliding mechanism
  • Support brackets – for fixing track to wall or soffit etc.
  • Hangers (also known as trolleys, runners or wheels) – slide inside top track
  • Door brackets – fix to top of door panel and fasten hanger
  • Track end stops – stop hangers leaving top track
  • Floor guide track – stops swinging motion of door panels
  • Floor guide – fixes to bottom of door and is located inside guide track
    • Sliding door track
    • Sliding door rail
    • Sliding door gear
    • Barn door track
    • Barn door rail
    • Barn door gear
    • Top sliding door track
    • Top sliding door rail
    • Top sliding door gear
    • Industrial door track
    • Industrial door rail
    • Industrial door gear