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Niko's Fall Arrest Track System

A fall arrest track system is used to protect people working at height from falling. It is used for a variety of applications including safety track for high ropes courses, sky guide track for soft play areas and servicing and maintenance for aircraft, coach, HGV and trains.

There are 3 main types of fall arrest track systems.  The first is a single rail track. This allows for single file traffic to move around the track. The second is a double rail fall arrest system which allows for individuals to pass each other on the track without the need to detach from the system. The final type is similar to a bridge crane arrangement, with a cross travel bridge track suspended from 2 long travel downshop rails, suspended directly from the ceiling or via a freestanding support structure.

Fall arrest track systems have less impact on the operator when they fall compared to conventional taut wire fall arrest systems. This is because they are rigid and do not sag under the weight of the operator, which also stops post-fall bouncing. On a taut wire fall arrest system one person falling may cause other operators to fall, but on rigid fall arrest track system this is not the case. Furthermore after a fall on a fall arrest track, the system can be reused instantly following a visual inspection and shouldn't need replacing.

Most fall arrest track systems are of modular design, there is no limit to the length and they can be moved, added to or developed. Another benefit of fall arrest track systems is that they can be fitted to a variety of structures, including walls, ceilings, I-beams and support beams to ensure a wide base of applications. For more information about our range of fall arrest track systems and applications please visit our website:

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