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Continuous Belay Track for High Ropes Courses

Niko Ltd manufacture and supply a continuous belay track to provide fall protection for people using high ropes courses. Advantages of Niko continues belay track for high ropes courses:

  • Continuous belay track removes the need to un-attach and reattach your harness.

  • Not limited by length, shape or design of the rope course

  • Suitable for multiple uses

  • Can be retro fitted to existing high ropes courses

  • Low maintenance

  • Its modular design means it can be modified or extended at a later date

  • Option to switch between single and dual track

  • Small radius bends

  • Instructor pass points or complete instructor loop options available

  • Less distance to fall compared to taut wire fall arrest systems

  • One person falling doesn't affect other users of the system

  • The tapered edge design of the continuous belay track achieves very free running movement and eliminates snag effect

  • No bouncing effect that can cause injury on secondary falls

  • Following a fall Niko continuous belay track can be re-used immediately after passing a visual inspection. Taut wire systems need to be completely replaced

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