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Niko Kit for Sliding Doors Round Corners

The Niko round-the-corner sliding door track systems comprise of a range of track sizes and components that bolt together to facilitate a sliding for moving doors around corners.

Characteristics of Niko round-the-corner sliding door track range

  • Door weights from 10kg to 2000kg
  • Internal and external applications
  • Range of brackets for various fixing methods
  • Range of hangers for all types of doors
  • Suitable for steel or timber doors
  • No limit to the length of the system

Applications for round the corner sliding doors

Niko round-the-corner sliding doors track is the ideal solution for a large range of applications including:

  • Garage doors
  • Warehouse partitions
  • Agricultural sliding doors – barns, farms and stable partitions
  • Commercial sliding doors – restaurants, shops, garages, schools, offices etc.

Advantages of Niko round-the-corner sliding door track systems

  • Easy to install, extend or move
  • Free running - requires 1/100 weight to force ratio to move doors
  • Low maintenance - bearings and track do not need to be oiled
  • High reliability – certified for 100,000 cycles
  • Simple, very quiet operation
  • Tapered edge track profile means door hangers always run smoothly and do not snag or bind
  • Compact size – allowing for space utilisation
  • Track profile designed to reduce build up of dust, dirt and ice

Components Kit

Standard components for a round-the-corner sliding door track system comprise of:

  • Top track – guide rail for sliding mechanism
  • Support brackets – for fixing track to wall or soffit etc.
  • Hangers (also known as trolleys, runners or wheels) – slide inside top track
  • Door brackets – fix to top of door panel and fasten hanger
  • Track end stops – stop hangers leaving top track
  • Floor guide track – stops swinging motion of door panels
  • Floor guide – fixes to bottom of door and runs inside guide track

Track Layout Examples

Example 1 - Manual Operation

Doors Round Corners Track Layout

Item Part Number Description
1 .000 Profile Track
2 .B06 Wall Support Bracket
3 .B04 Height Adjustable Support Bracket
4 .R86 Folding Door Hanger
5 .F94 Door Top Corner Bracket
6 .N94 Door Bottom Corner Bracket
7 .X02 Wall Fixing End Stop
8 .X01 Track End Stop
9 .B01 Wall Support Bracket
10 .B49 Track Joint
11 .000 Guide Rail
12 .C06 Track Bend
13 .C06 Guide Rail Bend


Example 2 - Electrical Operation *

Doors Round Corners Track Layout

Item Part Number Description
1 .000 Profile Track
2 .B02 Ceiling Support Bracket
3 .R86 Folding Door Hanger
4 .F94 Door Top Corner Bracket
5 .N94 Door Bottom Corner Bracket
6 .X01 Track End Stop
7 .B49 Track Joint
8 .000 Guide Rail
9 .C06 Track Bend

* Electrical drive system would need to be supplied by others.


    • Round the corner sliding doors
    • Doors sliding around the corner
    • Garage sliding doors