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Tool Balancers

Tool Suspension Systems

Lightweight Niko track profiles can be utilised for tool suspension applications.

  • Niko track is ideal for suspending tools and can carry loads up to 1600kg.
  • It can be used in conjunction with a tool balancer, air balancer, spring balancer, hoist or any other tool suspension equipment.
  • Customised tool suspension systems can be designed to suit, from single tool suspension up to full production line workstations.


Types of tool suspension systems

  • Overhead tool suspension track
  • Freestanding tool suspension overhead crane
  • Ceiling mounted tool suspension overhead crane
  • Freestanding tool suspension jib crane
  • Wall mounted tool suspension jib crane
  • Column mounted tool suspension jib crane
  • Bench mounted tool suspension jib crane
  • Bespoke design tool suspension systems

Tool balancers

  • Tool weight reduced to zero
  • Reduce repetitive strain injuries
  • Improve the life span of the tool
  • 0.4kg to 180kg tool weight
  • Up to 3m stroke lengths


Tool Balancer

Spring Balancer

    • Tool Suspension Track
    • Tool Hanging Track
    • Tool Suspensions System
    • Tool Handing System
    • Tool Handing Rail
    • Tool Suspesnsion Rail
    • Tool Hanging Crane
    • Tool Suspension Crane
    • Tool Hanging Jib
    • Tool Suspesnsion Jib
    • Tool Balancer
    • Air Balancer
    • Spring Balancer