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Why choose Niko Ltd for Timber Roof Truss Lifting Solutions?

Advantages of using a Niko Light Crane System for timber roof truss lifting compared to alternative suppliers:

  • Increased productivity through reducing the man power required to lift and move trusses

  • Much safer working environment because crane takes the load rather than workers, therefore greatly reducing the risk of back injuries

  • Having manual travel combined with a high speed hoist and radio control offers the fastest available solution for handling roof trusses

  • Our lifting devises have been specially designed for lifting roof trusses

  • Ultra-low headroom solutions to best utilise your space

  • Simple integration with pressing equipment

  • The modular nature of the crane means that it can be extended, modified and even moved to a new location so that it can grown and adapt with your manufacturing needs

  • Over 10 years experience in finding lifting solutions for the timber roof truss manufacturing industry

Niko have supplied cranesto the following timber truss manufacturers:

  • Crendon Timber Ltd (multiple cranes at multiple sites)

  • Sydenhams Timber Engineering Ltd (multiple cranes at multiple sites)

  • Wyckham Blackwell Ltd (multiple cranes)

  • HY Arnold Ltd

  • Shire Timber & Truss Ltd (multiple cranes)

  • Merronbrook Ltd (multiple cranes)

  • Taylor Lane Timber Frame Ltd

  • BSW Timber

  • Read Brothers Limited

  • Bolt Building Supplies Ltd

  • Truss-Tech Ltd

  • DWB Group Ltd (multiple cranes at multiple sites)

  • TrussTec Ltd

  • Trustspan Timber Engineering Ltd

  • Guildford Timber Frame Ltd

Timber Roof Truss Lifting

Timber Roof Truss Lifting

Timber Roof Truss Lifting

Timber Roof Truss Lifting

Timber Roof Truss Lifting