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Enclosed Conductor Bar or Festoon?

Most crane systems and moving machinery require some form of travelling power supply, to feed the end carriages and hoists etc. At Niko Ltd we provide 2 alternative power systems, the first is NCL an enclosed conductor bar and the second is a c-rail festoon cable supply system.  Both systems run alongside the machines they are feeding and enable the system to move freely, while still providing a consistent power source. The advantages of the NCL enclosed conductor bar are:

  • Power can be provided to a specific section of the system, or the whole system when required. This is possible because of the ability to power either from the end or the middle of the conductor bar.

  • An Enclosed Conductor Bar can also provide power to multiple systems at once.

  • Niko Ltd stock NCL in 64, 78 and 100amp systems, but are also able to provide 140 and 200amp upon request to suit multiple power requirements.

  • Enclosed Conductor Bar unlike Festoon has no limit to the length of system.

  • NCL is provided in anything up to 4 metre lengths, ensuring that any size system can be powered.

  • NCL is also ideal for use around corners, where festoon may snag or become tangled.

  • NCL is useful for low headroom systems because there is no low hanging cable. This beneficial as a safety factor as no one can get caught up in the cable.

  • Space saving because there is no bunch up area, this also helps keep the system tidy.

  • Simple and easy to install.

The advantages of the c-rail festoon cable supply system are:

  • C- Rail Festoon Supports Niko Ltd's range of cable varying from 4 to 12 core, this allows for a large range of power supplies to be supported in comparison to NCL.

  • Power can be supplied directly to the hoist or remote control rather than a section of the system.

  • Festoon is the most cost effective method of powering a system, as it can be used for any type of crane.

  • Festoon can be used on a variety of crane systems including jibs, overheads, A cranes etc.

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