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New Niko Ltd Product - Trellis Track

"Trellis Track" is the latest edition to the Niko Ltd range of profile tracks. The trellis track can be used to make light cranes, monorails and also as fall arrest track. There are two major advantages of using trellis track compared to conventional spine track:

  1. Trellis track can span far greater distances, in some instances up to 10m unsupported.

  2. Trellis track is much easier to handle for installation engineers, whereas conventional spine track can be unbalanced and awkward.

In this application Schneider Electric UK are using a Niko Ltd light crane with trellis track on the downshop and bridge rails. It is used to lift and turn equipment on to assembly benches. The solution has improved their productivity in two ways, by:

  1. decreasing the time taken to lift, move and turn equipment.

  2. reducing the required number of operators from three to two.